Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Characters I Wish I Could Check In With!


April 7, 2015 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

Top Ten Tuesday is THE bookish meme, hosted by the wonderful ladies at The Broke and the Bookish, the book blog that hooked me on all other book blogs!  I’m a sucker for bookish memes, so here we go…

Today’s topic is Top Ten Characters I Wish I Could Check In With.  These characters are ones I’ve loved over the years, and I really just want to pop in on them again and see how they’re going.  You know, what are they up to?  Are they as happy as I imagine them to be?  So, in no particular order here’s my list 🙂

1.  Josie Alibrandi, Looking For Alibrandi ~ I’ve always wanted to know what Josie’s up to in her life now… Did she finish law school and become a barrister, or did she chuck it all in to become an artist?  Did she and Jacob Coote end up together or did some other guy sweep her off her feet?  Did her newfound appreciation for her nonna last?  I gots to know!

2.  The entire cast, Harry Potter Series ~ So I know we got the whole “19 years later” thing, but that answers almost none of my questions about what Harry and the gang got up to after the war.  The little snippets we have here and there on Pottermore help, but they don’t abate my insane curiosity… Most pressing, did Kreacher ever bring Harry that sandwich?

3 & 4.  Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice ~ This falls under the ‘happily ever after’ category, I need to know what that HEA looks like!  I also really want to see Wickham get his comeuppance somehow, and Darcy’s just the man for the job 😀

5 & 6.  Mia Hall and Adam Wilde, If I Stay/Where She Went ~ I know, I know – we got two books with these guys and I still want more?!  How greedy can I be?!!  I loved Adam especially, oh so much, and I’d love to see where they’re at these days living their musician lives.

7.  Amy Curry, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour ~ We’re with Amy for such a relatively short period, during a traumatic time in her life.  The ending is quite open-ended, and that leaves too much for the imagination for me!  I’d love to know how she adjusts to her new life in Connecticut, and what role (if any) Roger plays.

8.  Lincoln O’Neill, Attachments ~Lincoln has got to be one of my all-time favourite characters, he’s so sweet and down-to-earth, I just want to smoosh his face!  And, like any crazy biliophile, my favourite characters are like my family and I just want to know he’s doing ok.  I’m sure he is, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to more Lincoln in my life.

9.  Jimmy Hailer, Saving Francesca ~ Jimmy is one of those secondary characters who worms his way into your heart and doesn’t leave.  Unfortunately, he didn’t pop up in The Piper’s Son, Melina Marchetta’s follow-up to Saving Francesca, but I vaguely remember reading an article where Marchetta talks about her desires to write Jimmy’s story.  Here’s hoping this one becomes a reality!

10.  Hadley Sullivan, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight ~This one takes place over SUCH a short period, 24 hours really, and that is in no way enough to satisfy me.  So much happened to Hadley in the short timeframe, and I’d love to check in on her and see how she’s coping with it all.  Pretty please?!

There you have it, that’s my list!  How about you, what did you have on your list?  Are you a sucker for the happily ever after like me?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Characters I Wish I Could Check In With!

  1. Darren says:

    I’d forgotten about Amy and Rodger! It’d be great to see them again.

  2. christine danielle says:

    Awe still can’t get over Harry Potter

  3. Ahh yes, Harry Potter. Doesn’t everyone? XD I’d love to se where they’re at! 9 Years Later was NOT ENOUGH! *flails*
    And of course, any Jane Austen book I want to check in the with the Characters! (Especially Lady Catherine De Bourgh XD XD XD)

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