Sunday Funday: Week In Review {3}


November 23, 2014 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

Sunday Funday is a post created by the wonderful Cristina of Girl in the Pages, as a way of recapping the bookish and not-so-bookish goings on of the past week.  So here we go!

November 10 – November 23


What a fortnight!  I didn’t really do much last week, it was a quiet one thankfully.  That all changed this week, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down anytime soon!  Firstly, work has been insane – we’ve been preparing for circuit, when the Court comes to our town for a week and hears a bunch of matters all in that week.  I’m talking 100+, easily, with the majority listed on the first day.  It means people don’t have to travel to Melbourne to have their matters heard, but as a lawyer it means A LOT of work to get all my matters ready for that one week – affidavits, subpoena inspections, the works!  Circuit is this week coming so it’s going to be a madhouse!

On Friday night we had our Law Association dinner, which was a lot of fun.  This is me:

I invited a close friend and former colleague to come as my ‘date’, and we had a great night!  Our table was pretty crappy, we knew SO many people there but not one of them was on our table, but then another colleague joined us which made the evening better.  After the evening finished we went and had some cocktails, which were yummilicious 😀

Untitled design


Then yesterday arvo I made a flying trip down to Melbourne to go watch Adam Hills at The Comic’s Lounge last night.  I probably shouldn’t have been driving coz I was so tired, but it was well worth it!  In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, Adam Hills is an Australian comedian and TV personality, and he’s also very well known in the UK.  I’ve been a fan for SO long, and my friends and I try to see him as often as possible since he doesn’t do stand up as often as he used to.  His show was hilarious as per usual, and we had a really fun night.

And that’s been my fortnight!

What I’m…


I finished reading The Woman I Wanted to Be and you can check out my review here.  I then read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #1) by Michelle Hodkin, which wasn’t what I was expecting!

I don’t really know WHAT I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I read… Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I’ll finish the series.  Oh who am I kidding, I totally will – I’m afflicted with a need for closure that rivals Sheldon Cooper!

How pretty is that cover though!  I was checking out the sequels and it seems all of the covers are super awesome, which is always a plus 🙂


After seeing Adam Hills last night, I’ve been watching some of my favourite clips of his stand up on YouTube 😀 Here are some of my favourites (language warning!):

I’ve seen him do this last one a couple of times in his live shows by popular demand and it never gets old!

Listening to:

I’ve been in an Aussie music frame of mind at the moment, and I’ve been rocking out to some Taylor Henderson at the moment.  It’s an acoustic album, which isn’t usually my speed, but it’s Taylor so it’s gonna be awesome no matter what he does!

My favourite song {at the moment!} is Brighter Days, which is incidentally his next single.  Here are my fave lyrics:

But if you’re out on your own
with no place to call home,
just remember you’re not alone.
And when you’re caught in the deep,
I will hear your heart beat
as we picture the great unknown.

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Non-Bookish Excitement:

Is it May yet?  I really want to see this RIGHT NOW.

So that’s my fortnight in review!  How about you, did you do anything exciting this past week?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Week In Review {3}

  1. Lawyer-ing sounds extremely difficult. I don’t envy you one bit! Haha Adam Hills is hilarious. I love his Australian Fair one! My dad used to show it to me and my sister all the time when we were younger. Sooo funny 🙂 my other favourite comedian is Carl Barron – he’s great as well.

    Yay Pitch Perfect!! it looks SOO good. Oh, and as for Mara Dyer, the second one is MUCH better (I thought)

    • It can be difficult, but it’s more so a very time consuming job. I’m lucky though, I work for an organisation where I’m almost always out the door by 5:15pm, which is certainly not the norm in my industry! I actually haven’t seen much of Carl Barron’s stuff, but I’m a huge fan of Hughesy, Wil Anderson and Tommy Little. I love it when the Melbourne International Comedy Festival rolls around in March/April, it’s always so much fun!

      Good to hear about Mara Dyer, I’ll have to get the second one from the Library soon 🙂

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