Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up {10}


July 30, 2014 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  For lack of a better title, this is where I share with you all of the (mostly bookish) interesting bits and pieces I’ve bumbled across in the past week (usually) 🙂

I’m hanging out for the weekend right now!

What have you missed?

On my blog:

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On the interwebs:

There’s a new trailer for If I Stay!  It’s pretty awesome, I’m getting very excited for this movie especially now I’ve read the book 🙂

The Herald Sun shared 50 things Melburnians would never say and then followed it up with more from reader suggestions – these are hilarious!  And so very true…  Also true are these book blogger problems from Parajunkee, my particular pet peeve is getting bitten by the hype monster and then hating the book once I finally read it.  Not cool.

Epic Reads wants to know who you ship!  For the record, I ship Anna and Etienne 🙂 Also, of their 17 ominous opening lines in YA, my particular fave is Jellicoe Road.  Let’s face it, that’s not a surprise to anyone!

Book Riot teaches us how to become terrible library patrons in 5 steps, and I have to confess I’m already there…

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, there’s nothing better than Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon on helium!  You know you want to 🙂 Speaking of laughs, here’s a look at an episode of Friends without any jokes – strangest thing EVER!

And of course, it’s Buzzfeed appreciation time!  Here’s what caught my fancy this week:

  1. 41 Times Hillary Clinton Was Outta Control Sassy – love her!
  2. The 21 Best Lines From Joey Tribbiani On “Friends” – love him!
  3. 27 Ways “Friends” Completely Prepared You For Your Actual Life – it totally did…
  4. 17 Of The Greatest Responses To An Ex Text Of All Time – hilarious!
  5. The Definitive Ranking Of The Men On “Gilmore Girls” – #1 and #2 are interchangeable for me, but this is pretty much spot on IMO
  6. 15 Awesome “Back To The Future” Inspired Items You Can Buy On Etsy – Must. Buy. Everything.
  7. How Many Books From “Gilmore Girls” Have You Read? – Not enough apparently!
  8. 16 Signs That Your Harry Potter Books Are Actually Your Best Friend – they really do get me…
  9. 27 Photos Of The “Friends” Cast Being Friends In Real Life – I miss Friends…
  10. 29 Pictures That Will Instantly Make Your Day – so cute and funny 🙂

What’s news with me?

After a knee injury which was then followed by a sinus infection and the worst cold/flu I’ve had in years, I’m finally getting back into a routine with my exercise.  I feel so much better when I’m doing something that gets me moving; I’ve got a desk job so I”m mostly sitting all day, unless if I’m at Court.  And I’ve gotten back into Zumba!  I love the classes so much, it’s so much fun and no-one takes themselves to seriously which is pretty great!  It’s also something I can do casually without joining a gym; this is a plus for me when I already have at home all the stuff I’d use if I was to go to the gym.

I had the most embarrassing thing EVER happen to me on Saturday… It started with me going outside to do some weeding and then realising 45 minutes later that I’d locked myself out.  Fun times!  No keys, no phone, no wallet, nothing!  Not to mention I was having a cleaning day and looked like a homeless bum.  Not pretty at all!  I tried to break into my own house for a while, and I’m pleased to report it’s VERY secure… Unfortunately, this meant I couldn’t get in 😦 I ended up having to walk to the motel near my house to use their phone – long story short, after 30 minutes I couldn’t get any emergency locksmiths on the phone or anyone from the real estate agents who manage my property, inlcuding the after-hours emergency line.  Can I just say, THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN MELBOURNE.

Not Happy Jan.

I then had to walk to the police station, which is a 30 minute power walk from my house, only to find that one of the real estate agents had called the motel RIGHT AFTER I LEFT.  They then called the police station looking for me, and the cops were expecting me when I got there.  Side note: I’m so glad I didn’t see any of the coppers I work with, how embarrassment!  From there, I walked home and waited outside for an extra half hour for this guy to arrive with the spare key to my place.  If only it ended there.  THEY DIDN’T HAVE A SPARE KEY. I’ve never heard of a real estate agent that doesn’t keep a spare key, and apparently it’s just mine that they don’t have.  WTF universe?

By this stage, it was 6:30pm in the middle winter, I’d been out of the house for 3.5 hours and it was fucking freezing.  We eventually broke a window to get me back in the house, and then I had to deal with the clean up – I can’t believe how much of a mess it made, I’m still finding glass and I’ve vacuumed 3 times already.  The only efficient thing about this whole debacle was the window people – I called them just before 7pm and by 8pm they’d been and gone, window replaced.  I tell you what, it’s times like these that I really miss living in the city and having family/close friends nearby!  I know this whole thing was my fault but it would’ve been easier to get help if the people I’m closest to weren’t 2 hours away…

OOOOOHHHH, but to make up for all that bad karma, the best thing happened yesterday!  I was two hours late getting back to my car and when I got there a parking inspector was giving me a ticket – stick with me, it’s gets good!  When he saw me approach the car, he said “oh good, I can cancel this now.”  He acknowledged that I was two hours late and still cancelled the ticket anyway bacause, and I quote, “I know you guys get caught up in Court sometimes and I try to let it slide when I can.”  MIND BLOWN!  Thanks dude!

What am I…


I’ve finished The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, yay!  I loved it, and I’m still picking something to read next.  I’m thinking maybe Hold Still by Nina LaCour?  We’ll see 🙂


I’ve gotten right back into Winners & Losers and also Offspring over the past week or two.  I’ve missed a lot of the episodes aired this year, but all it takes is one and I’m right back on the merry-go-round!

Listening to?

They’ve been playing this at Zumba in our warm-up and I love it, it’s so catchy 🙂

They’re playing this one to death a bit on the radio at the moment, but I still enjoy it.

There you have it!  Happy Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up {10}

  1. Ooh I still have to read If I Stay as well. It’s on reserve at the library…

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