Slumps and Doldrums


June 11, 2014 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

That gif up there – that has been me for the past month and a half.  I have not been able to get motivated AT ALL.  In fact, I have been in the mother of all slumps for a while now AND IT SUCKS.  It’s not just blogging, it’s everything – work, home, reading, family, the works.  I’ve had a serious case of the Can’t Be Arsed and it has been driving me crazy. All I’ve wanted to do is sit on my butt and do nothing, which isn’t really all that productive or healthy 🙂

I know myself well enough to know that I’m like this because I need a change and I’m not looking forward to anything exciting right now.  I’m one of those people who gets very bored very quickly without the next thing to look forward to.  I keep saying that I need a holiday, and I do, but what I really need is something to mix things up a bit.  So, I’m tackling things one step at a time, trying to get out of the doldrums.

In terms of the blog, I have changed a few things.  You may notice that I’ve given the blog a bit of a facelift – a new theme, some different colours – I might still tinker with it a bit but I think I’m happy with it.  That’s what I do when I need a change, I mix things up a bit and the blog is now another one of those things for me to tinker with.  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted consistently since April, well that’s also changing.  I now have a new posting schedule calendar thanks to an awesome post by Nikki at The Paper Sea, which is really working for me so far, so here’s hoping that continues.  I need to be able to plan ahead, and this helps me to see things a bit more clearly.  Also, I’ve started reading again – I realised that I read just one book in May.  One.  That is just not good for my peace of mind, and I’ve finally been able to pick a book and get excited about reading again.

On a personal note, work has gotten busier and this has helped – I find that I have absolutely no motivation to go to work when it’s slow, and it’s been slow for a while.  There wasn’t much I could do about this, due to things outside my control, but it’s picked up the pace again and I’m feeling far more motivated.  I’m not travelling to Melbourne until the end of the month, which will help me to recharge my batteries.  I spend almost every weekend in Melbourne, which is an almost 2 hour frive from my house, which can be tiring.  The travelling gets a bit much sometimes, especially in winter during footy season with the poor road conditions at times.  So there’s that.  I’ve had to stop exercising thanks to a knee injury, and I didn’t realise how much I’d miss it until I had to stop.  It’s not quite the chore I always thought it to be!  But the knee’s on the mend, and so’s my frame of mind.  Now I just have to work on that holiday 🙂

I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is, other than to ramble about my life right now, but thanks for ‘listening’.  I’m sorry for whinging but I know we all get like this sometimes, and it helps to vent.  So, I’m going to turn to OTH one more time for some pearls of wisdom to get me through those slumpy times:

Thank you Gavin Degraw.

What about you, do you ever go through a slump, personal or blog/reading related, and just feel the need to mix things up a little?


4 thoughts on “Slumps and Doldrums

  1. thepapersea says:

    Thanks for downloading my editorial calendar! 😀 I’m glad to see it’s working out for you as well as it works for me.

  2. Hey! Super excited I found your blog. I found it when I was saw your review of the other summer girl on goodreads (which I totally agree with btw) and I was super excited to see that you were a lawyer too!

    I’m a new lawyer in the US.

    Ok, as for this post. I def get into slumps. Sometimes reading, more often in real life. I am in one of those slumps right now. I couldn’t find a job right out of law school in the practice area that I wanted, so I took a different job and I am just not excited about it. I have been looking for a new job while still working at this one but no luck so far. I am starting to get really discouraged and it causing a major slump.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like my blog!

      I know what you mean about life slumps, I was in a job straight out of law school that I wasn’t enjoying – the area of law was fine but the job had lots of other issues. Because I was so new, I didn’t think I’d be able to get a job anywhere else and I was so down in the dumps and discouraged. Then, I got made redundant, so as you can imagine I felt even worse. I unexpectedly got another job relatively quickly, I was only out of work for two months, but it was the longest two months of my life and my mood was just awful. Thankfully, that experience turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me – I love my current job and I never would’ve been pushed to apply had I not lost my old one. So, you’re one step ahead of where I was since you’re applying elsewhere – hang in there, it’ll work out in the end 🙂

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