I is for… Idling, also known as Procrastinating!


April 10, 2014 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

Ok, so I had originally planned to write a post about procrastination for the letter P, but then I realised that I needed to schedule a review for that day… So I looked up ‘procrastination’ in the thesaurus, saw the word ‘idling’ and BAM: I suddenly had a post for the letter I!

I have a VERY BAD HABIT.  I’ve had it all my life, I’ve always done it and I’ll probably always do it to some degree.  I am a Procrastinator.

With this blog, I procrastinate on writing posts – it’s partly why I’m doing the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, to force me to post almost everyday, even if it’s just something small.  It’ll also help me to get through my review backlog.  But even though I’m doing this challenge, I’m still procrastinating!  I’m not prescheduling posts far in advance very often, unless I know I definitely won’t be able to write them the night before, eg my Saturday posts because I won’t be home Friday night.  I’m writing posts the night before they need to be posted, which is actually progress for me because prior to this challenge I was doing them the day I intended to post them and then posting them straight away.   But that doesn’t mean I’m not procrastinating…

To give you an idea of my routine, I get home from work around 5:30pm and I generally do an hour of exercise, either at home or in a PT session.  I’ll eat dinner around 7pm and then I’ll watch TV until about 9:30pm.  Some nights I don’t watch TV until that late, but I’ll muck around on the computer for a bit.  Then, when I’m completely exhausted and I can’t stand to look at the computer anymore, because I stare at one all day, I sit down in front of my computer and type up my post for the next day.  It’s currently 10:30pm on 9 April 2014 as I’m writing this post and I can barely keep my eyes open, thanks to Daylight Savings ending on the weekend and my body feeling like it’s 11:30pm instead.  I have to be awake by 6am tomorrow morning (earlier today for those of you now reading this) for a breakfast meeting before work, and I haven’t prescheduled this post.  I should be in bed right now, and instead I’ve procrastinated my way into another late night!  Good one mate!

I don’t just do this with the blog.  I did it when I was in school, I do it at work (although I’ve gotten much better at managing my time there), and I do it in my personal life.  Example: On the weekend, I made a decision to go see a podiatrist for a few reasons.  I’ve looked up some podiatrists in my area, but I still haven’t booked an appointment and it’s nearly the weekend again.  I procrastinated making that decision for nearly a month.  I’ve had nail issues and pain for nearly two and a half months.  DUDE, make the damn appointment!

I could give you literally hundreds of examples of my recent procrastination, but it’s essentially more of what I’ve already told you 🙂 It’s such an annoying habit that I hate but can’t seem to break.  I’ve improved big time at work, and I’m hoping I can do the same in other aspects of my life.  First step: tomorrow, I’m booking in to see a podiatrist!

How about you? Do you procrastinate like me, or are you one of those people who sets out to do things and actually DOES them?

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8 thoughts on “I is for… Idling, also known as Procrastinating!

  1. The only thing I don’t procrastinate about, is procrastinating! I wake up with the intention of writing more of my book…but I’ll just check my email first. Checking my email leads on to checking twitter, facebook and oh, I have to write a blog post. Before I know it the day is over & I haven’t written a damn thing.

  2. perlesink says:

    I took the challenge for the same reason. I need deadlines, moreso since I retired march of last year. I got more done when I had a full time job than I seem to now. I never needed much sleep – pretty much bed by midnight/up at 5 to walk/run or yoga since I was in my 20’s (65 now). Still with all that time and no job to go to, I procrastinate – hate it.
    Perle Champion at Perle’s Ink, freelance words & art

  3. Cait says:

    I can relate. I’m a champion procrastinator. I have to set myself little incentive to get things done, like this week it was playing a game if I got an assignment finished. I should really feel embarrassed about it, I’m sure I’ll get round to that some day.

    Visiting through the A to Z Challenge.

  4. […] borrowing books from there until about 2012 – I have no idea why it took me so long, probably my procrastinating nature at work again!  It’s only recently that my income has increased such that I can afford to […]

  5. […] waited a bit too long to review!  It has nothing to do with my feelings for the book itself, I’m just such a procrastinator!  So I apologise if this is a bit vague […]

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