Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up! YA Retellings, Reading Habits Survey Results and More…


March 5, 2014 by Bernadette ~ The Bumbling Bookworm

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  For lack of a better title, this is where I share with you all of the (mostly bookish) interesting bits and pieces I’ve bumbled across in the past week 🙂 This one’s a bit of a shorty (compared to last week especially!) due to lack of internet/procrastination time over this past week…

This sums up exactly how I feel when browsing the interwebs 🙂

Epic Reads released this totally epic chart listing all these YA retellings of Fairy Tales, the Classics, Shakespeare and Mythology – it’s so cool, I can’t wait to look a little deeper!  I can see my TBR list growing…

Book Riot have released the results of their 2013 Reading Habits Survey, and there were some interesting results; for instance, 74.9% of people read ebooks in 2013, but only 28.17% of reading done in 2013 was in ebook form.

Here’s 15 reminders from Disney that you’re great today – personally, I love the Genie!

Book Riot gave their tips on how to rock a library book sale, and I’ll certainly be taking these on board.  Also from Book Riot, a look at liking a book that others will mock you for admitting you like: Twilight.  I don’t think the points are strictly limited to Twilight, I find they are applicable to YA in general, especially given the misconception that there is no substance to YA fiction.

As always, my obligatory Buzzfeed roundup:

  1. 19 Problems Only Book Nerds Can Understand: Told in the form of Harry Potter gifs, this is totally awesome!  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to check out Problems of a Book Nerd at some stage 🙂
  2. Which “Gilmore Girls” Guys Is Your Soulmate? I’m HORRIFIED to admit that I got DEAN!  Eugh!  I hate that guy!  This is wrong on so many levels, it should’ve been Jess!!!  I’m still in mourning…

Here’s 37 books you should read before they become movies this year – of course, I’ve hardly read any of them!  Whoopsies…

Lastly, this week’s How I Met Your Mother has me worried about the fate of the Mother in the future…  Don’t read this if you don’t want to be semi-spoilered, but here’s four popular theories about the eponymous Mother’s fate.  I can’t believe it’s nearly over!

Bookish Blogroll Round-Up
  • Ginger from GReads takes a look at YA at the Movies in 2014, and I can’t wait for The Fault In Our Stars.  I really should read Divergent though!
  • Rachel at Pub(lishing) Crawl considered whether it’s better to read the book before seeing the movie or vice versa – what do you think?
  • Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner no longer considers herself a ‘book reviewer’, she’s getting back to talking about books for the fun of it!  She also focused on the most wanted books of March 2014.
  • Cait from The Notebook Sisters had some fun ‘fixing’ popular book covers – I think Eleanor & Park was my favourite 🙂
  • Stacy from The Contemporary Romance Cafe debunked the basic publishing rule that “You’ll never get anything published unless you know someone in the business.”  Good on her!

So, I’m a Glee fan (don’t judge!) and one of my fave covers of theirs is Seasons of Love from the musical Rent, as epically sad as it was.  This is kinda old news but I only found out the other day that another version was recorded for the Season 3 finale by the original graduating class, including Cory Monteith.  It’s interesting how much more hopeful this verson sounds, in a totally different context to the version aired in The Quarterback.  I’m sure you’re strong enough not to well up with tears in your eyes like I did when I heard which line Cory sung as a solo – mind you, I cry at the drop of a hat…

That’s all for this week, have a good one!

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up! YA Retellings, Reading Habits Survey Results and More…

  1. Cait says:

    I’ve reeeeally got to read The Maze Runner. And also Vampire Academy. But I HAVE read Divergent and TFIOS! Yay, me. (I’m quite slack, don’t worry. 😉 Oooh, my name is on the post. That just literally made me giggle wildly into my laptop. Thanks for the shout out. XD

  2. Foreign Geek says:

    Love the book nerd tumblr !

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